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300+ lessons & worksheets


  • Step-by-Step Scientific Calculator Instructions 

Learning to use a scientific calculator allows student to prepare for the advance questions during the Official Testing.

  • Guidance Plans Per Subject

An education plan, a study guide per subject, and the steps to completion to provide insight to how and when students will be done with the stu

License details:

  • ​1 Year GGV curriculum access

  • GGV Technical Online Support

  • Entire Curriculum in English and Spanish Languages

  • Access to all 4 subjects

  • Ability to activate and deactivate student accounts


GGV is three different license categories: Student, Instructor (Tutor), and Manager (Administrator).

Student: $75 per year.

Instructor: $100 per year

Manager: $125 per year

Additional Resources

Pretests (Battery of four): $10

Inservice Workshop (1/2 day): $300

License Categories

Student: a license for use by a student preparing to take the GED exam. Can access all materials in curriculum

Instructor: a license that adds additional functions such as progress checking, activity monitoring, and progress reports.

Manager: a license intended for use by program coordinators or directors. This license as functions to add student and instructor accounts, manage data reporting, and oversight of curriculum usage.

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